I was doing some work on another project and ran into a problem best solved using Regular Expressions. I’m not terribly familiar with using them and had never done so with Python before. I thought it would be really nice to have some kind of visual regex editor and google led me to Kodos by Phil Schwartz. It was even available through Fedora’s package management. When it installed I noticed that it’s dependencies were older versions of PyQt. This gave me the idea of learning more about programming with Python by updating the program to more current libraries. I tried to get in touch with Phil to see what he thought of the idea and offer my help – such as it is – to the project.

Unfortunately I did not hear back from him, but he very kindly wrote the original under an open license. That meant I could fork it and start working on a new version. I downloaded the source and as I have free time I work at it. Kodos is a great program and so far I haven’t come close to replicating what it can do. And what I do have working isn’t properly commented/documented and doesn’t have proper error handling, etc. So I’d recommend using Kodos if you want to do real work. But if you feel like messing around with what I’ve done it is also free and open.

The download page has a link to the github page for Pyrrhic REE. When (if?) I get to the point of packaging binaries, they will be at the download page as well.

There is an online tool that does what Kodos does as well. The Python Regular Expression Testing Tool